More Jobs at Midwest Bus in Owosso (with video)

October 31, 2013

More and better jobs are headed to Owosso-based Midwest Bus Corporation thanks to a new $31 million contract to remanufacture 192 public transit buses for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

New employee and military veteran Matt Ellithorpe says he sees a bright future at the company.

"I believe that Midwest Bus is going to grow even further than what it is now," Ellithorpe said. "We had 30 active employees when I hired four months ago, and we're up to 50 now, just in this building, and we're going past 100."

Midwest Bus remanufactures city transit buses right here in Michigan, performing work ranging from painting the vehicles to overhauling buses from bumper to bumper. Governor Snyder recently visited the company and congratulated the workers on the expansion.

"It's great to be here today. It's an opportunity to both celebrate success and congratulate Midwest Bus Corporation on your wonderful success of having a growing business."

Governor Snyder also highlighted how the company is committed to buying products from other Michigan vendors, thereby helping Michigan's economy grow stronger.

"We launched a program a couple years ago called 'Pure Michigan Business Connect,' and it was all based on the premise of asking Michigan companies to buy more from one another," Governor Snyder said. "Here's a company that's been doing it for decades.

"We have wonderful people doing wonderful work. Michiganders helping one another, making some of the best products in the country and the world that we can be proud of."