Gov. Snyder to students: Make your career in Michigan

Gov. Rick Snyder

By Josh Paciorek

Gov. Rick Snyder visited the University of Michigan on Monday night and offered a piece advice for the roughly 300 soon-to-be graduates in attendance: stay in Michigan.

“We’re the value place,” the governor said. “We got beat up worse than any other place during the recession, but we’re the exciting place for the future. We’re the Comeback State. It’s a great opportunity to be here.”

The governor was speaking at his alma mater as a part of the Ross Business School’s 100/100 Initiative, a series of events for MBB and MBA students as they celebrate their last 100 days at U-M and prepare for their first 100 days in a new career.

At the event, Gov. Snyder said that Michigan provides recent graduates with an excellent opportunity to both raise a family and have an exciting career. He shared his own experiences after he graduated in 1982, when he was offered a job in Houston but instead took a position in Detroit.

“And why’d I do that? Because I saw upward opportunity, and that’s what we have here today,” Gov. Snyder said.

recent survey from the Detroit Regional Chamber showed that 63 percent of 2012 college graduates remained in the state – 12 percent more than in 2007. Gov. Snyder added that students would be more willing to stay here if they were aware of the options for high-skill, high-paying jobs.

The governor also talked about the importance of mentorship and working with a quality team when choosing to stay and work in Michigan.

“If you have an opportunity to work with some outstanding people, then make your career choice based on who you’re going to work with,” Gov. Snyder said. “If you can work with the best people possible, you’re going to learn a lot and be much better off.”

Before the event concluded, the governor offered one final piece of encouragement.

"It’s not about what degree you get-- it’s what you do with it. Aim high, and be bold.”

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