Michigan Agriculture: A Rock Star Industry

By Jennifer Holton | February 13, 2014

What does it take to make a “rock star” industry?

The food and agriculture industry supplies $96 billion in economic impact for Michigan’s economy, employing about 22 percent of Michigan’s workforce. We lead the nation in producing 17 commodities and are the 2ndmost agriculturally diverse state. (Read more below)

Continued Commitment

That’s what it takes!

Governor Snyder has continued his commitment to the food and agriculture industry by increasing funding for the fourth consecutive year! In his FY 2015 proposed budget, the governor has recommended $82.5 million in funding for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, of which $44.9 is general fund – a 10.6% general fund increase from the FY 2014 enacted budget.

The proposed FY15 budget includes continued support for core programs and provides additional funding for investments that assure food safety, protect animal and plant health, sustain environmental stewardship, provide consumer protection, and enable rural development.