Video: CNN Reports on Michigan's Comeback

Michigan’s comeback got more national attention this week with a CNNMoney report about how people are moving back to the Great Lakes State. Here’s more from United Van Lines COO Rich McClure:

“Michigan has returned from a net outbound state to now a balanced state. The auto industry is coming back--they’ve dramatically changed their policies as it relates to business receptivity. So, I think those things, probably more quickly than one would have expected, have now made Michigan a net balanced state.”

In fact, Michigan’s recent population increase reverses the persistent decline of the previous decade, when Michigan was the only state in the nation to see its population fall.

As Governor Snyder said in his 2014 State of the State Address, “In 2012 we added people. In 2013 we added people. Two consecutive years’ of growth. The last time that happened in the State of Michigan was 2003 and 2004. People are staying again in Michigan, and we should be proud of that.”