Electronics Company Finds Success in West Michigan

By Reinvention Blog | April 17, 2014

Want to see signs of Michigan's comeback? Look no further than EBW Electronics, a Holland, Michigan-based company that manufactures LED circuit boards for automotive suppliers, manufacturers and other industries around the world.

"We currently have 152 people on staff, and we're in the hiring mode," says EBW president Cory Steeby. The company plans to double the square footage of its facility within the next nine months and hire more workers in West Michigan.

Steeby points to reforms in Michigan's tax code as one reason why EBW has been able to be successful:

"[Governor Snyder] has really lined up the tax code here in Michigan in a good way," Steeby said. "Nobody likes paying taxes, and certainly not higher taxes, but what we really appreciate is we know what the tax base is now.

"It gives us all a level playing field. We know what our tax picture is going to be in the coming years, and that helps us plan our business and be more successful."

EBW Chairman Pat LeBlanc says his company is going to continue right here in the Great Lakes State.

"As far as our outlook for the future, no pun intended, but it's really bright for us," LeBlanc said. "We're proud to be in Michigan, and we plan on staying here and growing and creating more and more jobs."

Michigan businesses have created more than a quarter million jobs since December 2010, and the state's unemployment rate is at its lowest level since April 2008.