FloraCraft Grows and Creates Jobs in Ludington

By Mike Brownfield | April 29, 2014

Michigan's comeback is continuing all across the state, with the latest economic report showing that unemployment is down in each of the 17 major labor market regions. 

Last week, Governor Snyder saw an example of that success first hand when he traveled to west Michigan to visit FloraCraft in Ludington -- a 68-year-old Michigan-based company that manufactures foam products for arts, crafts and floral arrangements.

"It's growing, it's innovative, it's putting good people to work here in the Ludington area, and it's got an exciting future," Governor Snyder said after touring FloraCraft's factory floor.

Today, the company has about 175 full-time employees and 35 temporary employees, and FloraCraft CEO Jim Scatena says even more growth is right around the corner. The company expects to expand its work force by 10 to 12 percent.

"We're on the verge of making an announcement of another major expansion, because growth sort of begets more growth," Scatena said. "We just added 50,000 square feet of warehouse out on the east end of the property, and we've already outgrown it."

Scatena says that Michigan's economic comeback and the Snyder Administration's reforms, including the Michigan Business Tax and Personal Property Tax repeals, have helped make its recent success possible.

"The more we can maintain a competitive advantage, the more we can eliminate useless taxes and regulation, the more we can do what we do well," Scatina said.

"The administration's current policies have made a significant impact on our ability to do business. So as Michigan's comeback continues to develop, it creates more consumers for us. So everything that's happened in Lansing in the last couple of years are right on track for us."

Ryan Cox, the mayor of Ludington, says that FloraCraft is an important part of his community.

"FloraCraft means so much to the City of Ludington, not only do they employ over 200 people, they mean a lot to the atmosphere of the city. They're really a company that gives back, that inspires people to do more."

And for Governor Snyder, FloraCraft is an example of what "Made in Michigan" is all about.

"Made in Michigan means something really special for me, and I hope for all Michiganders," Governor Snyder said. "It's about making things, manufacturing items, growing items, or creating things in Michigan, and then shipping those throughout the country and throughout the world and getting people to understand the best products in the world are made in Michigan.

"FloraCraft here in Ludington is a great illustration of being successful at that, and I want to show off places like this so people in Michigan can appreciate Made in Michigan is really special."