Growing Tulips, Growing Jobs

By Mike Brownfield | May 09, 2014

It's not a sight you see every day -- Governor Snyder and his daughter Kelsey wearing wooden shoes and dressed in traditional Dutch clothing, parading down the streets of Holland. But then again, the Tulip Time Festival only comes to Michigan once a year -- and it's a Pure Michigan event worth celebrating.

Besides parades, Dutch dance, music and more, Governor Snyder says that the annual event highlights something very special about Michigan -- a diverse heritage that has helped make our state great.

"The Dutch message is one of immigration, and the power and the strength that immigration means to our country. I'm proud to be the most pro-immigration governor in this country, and you should be embracing it even more," Governor Snyder said.

But tulips aren't the only thing Governor Snyder saw during his trip to Holland. He also stopped by EBW Electronics, a Michigan-based company that manufactures LED circuit boards for automotive suppliers, manufacturers and other industries around the world.

EBW Electronics is growing and creating new jobs in Michigan, and Governor Snyder says, "They’re a great illustration of multiple wonderful things about Michigan.”