Governor Snyder on Fishing in Michigan and Preserving Our Natural Resources

By Reinvention Blog | July 21, 2014

All year round, fishing is great in Michigan, and we're very proud of it.

Governor Snyder recently spent some time fishing on the Detroit River and spoke with the World Fishing Network about his love for the sport and what the state is doing to help preserve our natural resources for future generations.

"We're lucky. I think we have more species of fish than any other place in the country in terms of the different kind of fishing you can do," Governor Snyder said. "Everything from going out on the Great Lakes to get salmon, big salmon, to beyond to the inland lakes and catching bass or walleye or panfishing. And it works well, all seasons -- ice fishing's a big deal in our state. So it's something that we all enjoy, and we're very fortunate."

Though fishing in Michigan is great today, it wasn't always that way, and Governor Snyder says there's more that needs to be done to continue preserving our natural resources.

"We went through some rough times. If you go back several decades ago, we had a lot of pollution issues in the Great Lakes, some major problems there, and it decimated things. And we still have challenges we have to look out for -- the invasives, like Asian carp in the Great Lakes and then there are issues like European milfoil that can clog up some of the inland lakes that we need to deal with. But overall we're doing great fishing in the state.

"We've invested a lot in the Department of Natural Resources in terms of increasing resources, in terms of more research, in terms of more protection. We've added a lot of conservation officers that are there to help the public, and we've planted a lot of fish, doing a lot of good things --- both at the inland lake level and at the Council of Great Lakes Governors."

Governor Snyder says that investing more in Michigan's environment is key to ensuring a strong economy.

"If you want to have a strong economy, people want to have a great quality of life, and one of the things that people really enjoy is fishing. So people want to live in a place where they can go fish. If you want that, you have to invest in your environment."

Watch Governor Snyder's interview with the World Fishing Network.