Video: A love of reading, the technology of tomorrow, and supporting our community

By Reinvention Blog | September 26, 2014

From fostering a love of reading, to seeing the technology of tomorrow, and supporting community leaders making a difference -- we’re going all across the comeback state with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder.

Our trip starts at Anderson Elementary in Grand Blanc, where Governor Snyder read Kindergartners a great book -- ”Acoustic Rooster,” the story of a jazz-loving chicken at a barnyard talent show.

Together with State Librarian Randy Riley, the governor promoted the Michigan Reads! program, to support literacy at a young age. 
During a stop at the University of Michigan, the governor saw science, technology, engineering and math in action at M-Hacks, a 36-hour competition where students turn amazing ideas into reality.  

Innovation was abounding, too, at the ITS World Congress in Detroit. Governor Snyder visited with some of the world’s leading auto experts. And more than 10,000 people came from around the world to be immersed in high-tech transportation. The governor also visited Belle Isle, where -- as part of the ITS World Congress -- first responders demonstrated in mock scenarios how state-of-the-art equipment can aid in emergencies.

In Flint, the governor met with two nuns who are at the front lines of helping those in need -- Sisters Carol Weber and Judy Blake of the St. Luke NEW Life Center. Together, they’re helping unemployed Michiganders find jobs, and they’re empowering the people, families and the community of Flint.

In our classrooms, industries, and cities, Michigan’s Comeback continues. For more videos from Governor Snyder’s office, visit