Michigan- Relentless. Resilient. Reinvented.

January 1, 2015

When Governor Rick Snyder delivered his first inaugural address, he aspired to solve the issues too many others ignored for too long. He promised the birth of a new era, an era of innovation and the reinvention of Michigan.

“We all want to live in a state of high expectations, and more importantly, high results,” Governor Snyder said.  “But we can only achieve extraordinary things if we aspire beyond traditional thinking. The old unbelievable needs to become the new achievable.”

The accomplishments in the Governor’s first term demonstrate that, together, we have reinvented Michigan to be a place where we confidently believe that our best days are still ahead and where our children can have a bright future. 

More and Better Jobs

In 2011, Governor Snyder promised that more and better jobs would be his number one priority. He’s delivered on that promise. Since December 2010, Michigan has created more than 300,000 private sector jobs, and Michigan’s unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7%, its lowest point since 2006.  

The governor repealed the job-killing Michigan Business Tax and eliminated the Personal Property Tax, helping our small businesses grow and create jobs, all while ensuring that our local governments have a stable source of revenue. In addition, he eliminated more than 1,500 burdensome rules and regulations.

Because of these reforms, Michigan’s business climate is now more fair and competitive, allowing businesses across the state to grow and hire more Michiganders.

A Brighter Future for our Kids

Governor Snyder has improved education in Michigan, working with school leaders and local communities to find innovative solutions that help prepare our kids for the new opportunities they’ll have in Michigan’s growing economy.

Governor Snyder has increased funding for K-12 education by $1.1 billion compared to the year before he took office and increased funding for preschool education by $130 million, helping to eliminate waiting lists and opening the door for 29,000 children in need to attend preschool.

The governor also recognizes the need to train Michigan’s young people for the thousands of careers that are available in the skilled trades. That’s why he established the MAT2 apprenticeship program to help students gain careers in  Mechatronics, Technical Product Design and Information Technology. Already, Michigan has doubled the number of students and companies that participate in MAT2.

Helping our Fellow Michiganders

“Healthy Michigan,” the state’s innovative solution to healthcare reform, was a bipartisan plan that started in April 2014 and has already surpassed more than 500,000 enrollees.  Healthy Michigan's success has provided hard working, low-income Michiganders access to 241,000 primary care visits, 74,000 preventive care visits, 22,900 mammograms, and 10,900 colonoscopies.

Governor Snyder has also supported the expansion of Healthy Kids Dental, which is now available to more than 555,000 children in 80 counties.

A Stronger Detroit for a Stronger Michigan

Governor Snyder understood that Michigan’s future success was tied to Detroit’s success and that we could not wait any longer to start solving the city’s 60 years of decline. 

Governor Snyder’helped guide Detroit through a historic bankruptcy, toward a brighter future and a better quality of life for all Detroiters.

Foundations, private organizations, and state officials worked together to pass the Grand Bargain, and in December 2014, Detroit exited bankruptcy as a stronger city. Now, Mayor Mike Duggan and city leaders can build upon Detroit’s solid financial foundation and guide a renewed city.

A reinvented Michigan

Beyond just the numbers, Governor Snyder has changed the atmosphere and the outlook for the state of Michigan.  His governing style of "Relentless Positive Action" has infused his administration and the citizens he serves with a sense of urgency and optimism. 

True to that approach, the Governor is quick to recognize that the Michigan comeback is not finished yet.  Strengthening our economy, closing the skilled trades gap, creating more jobs, and ensuring a brighter future for our kids remain his top priorities.

The end of Governor Snyder’s first term is yet another chapter of Michigan’s reinvention.  Now, we go back to work -- together -- to relentlessly pursue ideas and solutions that will create a better future for Michigan.