Highlights from Governor Rick Snyder's 2015 Second Inaugural Address

Yesterday, Governor Rick Snyder took the oath of office for a second time as Michigan’s 48th governor, reflecting on the accomplishments of the last four years and looking forward to the beginning of a second term.

“The first term was really about solving problems. We had structural problems that had been there for decades. I’m proud to say we faced those issues, we took them on, and we solved many of them,” the governor said.  “We didn't solve every single one. We have more work to be done.”

Watch Governor Snyder’s full speech in the video above and read a recap of his remarks below.


Recapping his last four years in office:

On More and Better Jobs:

“Over the last four years, we’ve created over 300,000 private sector jobs in the state of Michigan. In December of 2010, our unemployment rate was 11.3%. It was just recently announced that our unemployment rate is 6.7%, a 40% drop in the last four years. We have more work to be done, but Michiganders are working again, and in good, well-paying jobs.”

On Detroit:

“One of the things I’m proudest of is look at the city of Detroit. We have a city that now has less debt, we have a city that’s safer, and we have a city that’s got better services. Detroit has a bright future, and I’m committed to supporting the city and achieving that goal.”

On Helping Michigan’s Children:

“We’ve done an outstanding investment in preschool education in the state of Michigan to make it so every Michigan child will have the opportunity to have a preschool education. And we’re leading the nation in the investment in our young. The adoption rate in the state of Michigan is up 25 percentage points, and we’re now supporting young foster kids in higher education. We’ve gone from being the bottom to being a leader, and we should be proud of helping those in need.”

On Helping Michigan’s Seniors:

“We’re making Michigan a no-wait state for in-home services so we can give greater independence and support to our seniors. They deserve it.”

On Supporting our Veterans:

“We owe all of our veterans a thank you, and we can never say that enough for the outstanding service you’ve provided to us for keeping us safe. We are not letting you down. Before we took office, we were ranked 53rd in how we helped our veterans in certain categories. Over the last four years, we’ve seen an over 20% increase in the average benefits veterans are getting in the state of Michigan, and we are now leading the country with services such as 1-800-MICHVETS, a cutting-edge way we can give 24-7, 365-day service to our veterans. You deserve that, and we’re going to keep up supporting our veterans.”

On Making Michigan Safer:

“I want to give recognition to all the law enforcement and first responders in our state. We’ve seen continuous improvement in making Michigan a safer state for our citizens, and I want to say thank you to all members of the public safety community in our state for your outstanding service. We’re showing dramatic drops in violent crime in some of the most challenged cities – Detroit, Flint, Pontiac and Saginaw, among others.”

On Relentless Positive Action:

“I'm proud to say relentless positive action works. It's not about who gets credit. It's not about fighting. It's not about blame. It's about understanding our role is to work together as a team and to solve problems to make us a better, stronger state. Let's keep that spirit going for the next four years.”


Looking ahead to a second term:

On Innovation:

“Now is the time to focus in on innovation, to be forward looking…  In terms of supporting our citizens, we can show true leadership throughout the nation… We’re going to stay on that path.”

On Closing the Skilled Trades Gap:

“Key priorities that I have, for one, is focused on one huge national problem that we have, which is we don’t have enough people going into the skilled trades, and we need to improve career tech education in our country. My commitment to you is we’re going to be focused on being number one in developing and bringing back the skilled trades as an honorable career path with great opportunity.”

On Keeping Michigan a Business Friendly State:

“We’re going to continue to be one of the most appealing places to do business. Again, we were at the bottom four years ago. In 2013, we were ranked sixth. My answer to you is sixth isn’t enough good enough. We’ve got five more spots to work on.”

On Improving State Services:

“It is time to reevaluate state services and do it a smarter way. It’s not about taking citizens and hard-working people, and slicing and dicing you into multiple programs. It’s about recognizing that you’re a human, you’re a person, and you should be treated that way. So let’s reevaluate the entire way that government supports people in terms of services.  It is time that you’re treated as a whole person with respect.”