Detroit is America's Comeback City

By Allison Raeck
May 27, 2015


“The passion for change.”

“Old but new."

“Where you want to be.”

This is how the people who live, work, and play in Detroit describe their city. 

Governor Snyder, local officials, private organizations, foundations, the legislature, and Michiganders from every corner of the state have worked hard to put Detroit on the comeback path. And these self-created slogans prove that those efforts are paying off.   

When asked if they were proud to live in Detroit, the answer was a resounding ‘yes.’   They all talked about the area’s entrepreneurial climate, metropolitan feel, and sense of hope for a better future.

As a city that has battled outsiders’ misperceptions, these proud Detroiters are ready to change the story.  They want the rest of the nation to see all the good things happening in the city.

After hearing from these individuals, it becomes increasingly clear that the future is bright for the Motor City.

Watch the video above to see why we like to call Detroit ‘America’s Comeback City.’

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