Shinola: Another chapter of Detroit's Comeback story

By David Konarske
May 29, 2015

The founding members of Shinola could have located their company anywhere in Michigan or the nation. But instead, they settled on an early favorite: Detroit, the Comeback City.

NBC News recently shared the story of Shinola and its decision to establish its headquarters in Michigan’s largest city.  A company specializing in handcrafted watches, leather goods and bicycles, Shinola has found much success since opening up shop in 2013.  The company made 55,000 watches in its first month, and sold out five months later.

Shinola picked Detroit because both its manufacturing history and its future.

"If you look at what Detroit stands for and the future of the city, it became an ideal choice to situate our base," Steve Bock, president of the holding company for Shinola, told NBC News. "There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about what Detroit stands for now, and in the future, and people want to be part of that."

Shinola is only the tip of the iceberg. Other companies, such as Oregon-based Will Leather Goods and GalaxESolutions, have chosen Detroit as their newest avenue for expansion—creating 11,000 jobs since 2010.

These companies are taking advantage of everything Detroit has to offer. Detroit’s border-crossing, international airport, world-class talent, entrepreneurial climate, and passion for change are key assets to major companies and local start-ups.

Recent investment, coupled with the city’s multitude of entertainment venues, has caused an influx of young people and more than 100 new restaurants. Many are even comparing Detroit to Silicon Valley, New York City, and Chicago.

Since taking office, Governor Snyder has made the comeback of Detroit a top priority, and the city has seen real growth. It isn’t Detroit versus Michigan. It’s Detroit, Michigan, and the state’s comeback will be made stronger if Detroit’s comeback continues. 

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