[Blog] Where does Michigan's state budget process rank nationally?

Number one!

On Wednesday, just hours before Governor Snyder signed the FY 2016 budget, State Policy Reports, published by Federal Funds Information for States, ranked Michigan as number one in its Index of State Budget Process Quality with a score of 86/100. 

“This is the fifth year in a row where we’ve had structurally balanced budgets, well done budgets, and been done by June.  We’re five for five,” Governor Snyder said.  “And that’s something we should be proud of.”

And that’s why State Policy Reports gave Michigan the number one ranking, ahead of Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, and New York. 

The index “uses some widely agreed-upon measures of good budget practices—as reported by the National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO)—and uses them to rank states on the quality of their budget processes” on a scale of 1-100, according to State Policy Reports. 

Balanced budgets that are completed months ahead of schedule is becoming the new normal in Michigan under Governor Snyder’s leadership.  Watch the video below celebrating the fifth consecutive year that we’ve completed a smart and balanced budget, and visit www.michigan.gov/budget for more information on the FY 2016 budget.