[Blog] Michigan's Economy is the Fastest Growing in the Midwest

By Josh Paciorek

August 10, 2015

Michigan added another chapter to its comeback story after the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago reported that Michigan has the fastest growing economy in the Midwest.

According to the report, Michigan’s economy grew by 1.9% in 2014.  Professional and business services, manufacturing, information, trade, transportation, utilities, and education and health services were the top growing sectors.

And they project Michigan’s economy will continue to grow, which is good news for all Michiganders.  It’s another reason why Michigan is the nation’s comeback state.  Since Governor Rick Snyder took office in January 2011, Michigan has created nearly 400,000 new private sector jobs—the most in the Midwest and the 5th most in the nation.  We’ve eliminated nearly 2,000 regulations, repealed the job-killing Michigan Business Tax, and reduced the unemployment rate by half.

To read the full report by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, click here.