Why Hanna Hoppough stayed in Michigan to make her career

By Alyssa LaHaie

October 26-30 is Michigan College Application Week, a dedicated time for high school seniors to apply for postsecondary education.  During this week, we’ll post a series about young professionals who grew up in Michigan, went to college in Michigan, and then stayed in Michigan to make their careers.

Many Michigan high school seniors are being asked the same questions this time of year: “What are you going to do after you graduate?” “Where are you going to college?” “What do you want to be when you’re older?”

Here is Governor Snyder’s advice: stay and make your career in Michigan.

Hanna Hoppough was once one of those Michigan high school students facing the same daunting questions. But she always knew she wanted to make a career for herself in Michigan.

“I grew up a Spartan,” Hoppough said. “My whole family grew up in Michigan, stayed in Michigan, so I knew I wanted too, as well.”

Hoppough, raised near Grand Rapids, followed in her family’s footsteps, studying at the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University.

“For me, I knew I wanted to go to a big school,” she said. “I wanted to meet as many people as I could.”

She also credits her four years working for the MSU athletics department with helping her get involved at school, something she takes great pride in and sees as very important for the college experience.

Hoppough now works as an account executive for Hour Media in Detroit where she works with local businesses to help them market using Hour’s media publications. She works closely with the new restaurants and event planning companies that are sprouting up in the city to help them promote and grow.

“Detroit is cool, and Michigan is great. Grand Rapids is also a really great city,” Hoppough said. “To get more young professionals to stay, I think it’s about getting the message out that there is a lot to do here.”

She’s right. Since Governor Snyder took office in 2011, he’s been working to increase the number of opportunities for Michiganders in an effort to keep more young people here.  Over the last five years, Michigan has created more than 400,000 new private sector jobs.  Our unemployment rate is below the national average for the first time since August 2000, and the governor has worked to create a more job-friendly environment to ensure that this comeback lasts.

Hoppough’s journey has kept her at “home” in Michigan.  With more opportunities, more and more other young professionals will also choose to stay and make their careers here in Michigan.