Education is a tool needed to build a stronger future

By Connor Ewald

May 25, 2016

2016 State Universities Summit

An education is a valuable tool, and in Michigan, our universities are committed to working together to equip students with that tool in order to build a stronger future. 

At the 2016 State Universities Summit - held on the campus of Michigan State University - nearly 115 institutional leaders from across the state met to exchange ideas and discuss ways they can work together to have 60% of Michigan residents obtain a high-quality post-secondary degree or credential by the year 2025 – a bold goal set by Governor Rick Snyder.

Our 15 public universities understand that our students need to be prepared with the knowledge and skills required for today’s fast paced, competitive job market.

“Back when I, and a lot of you, were younger, a high school diploma was all that was needed to be successful,” Snyder said. “But that isn’t the case today. Our universities are global leaders, and through improved collaboration, we can build a brighter future for our young people here in Michigan.”

At the Summit, Snyder also highlighted his new 21st Century Education Commission. The commission’s top priority is ensuring that students receive what they deserve – a 21st Century education that will help prepare them for success.

“This commission will focus on long-term improvements in our education system that can enhance student achievement,” the governor said.

First Lady Sue Snyder also spoke at the State Universities Summit about the importance of ending campus sexual assault.  She noted that Michigan is the first state in the nation to dedicate budget dollars specifically toward this cause.

This was Michigan’s second State Universities Summit after holding the inaugural summit at Grand Valley State University in October 2015. 


Author Connor Ewald is a member of Governor Rick Snyder's Executive Office internship program.