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    Governor Snyder is committed to utilizing the strength of human resources in Michigan to help reinvent this state. Through appointments to the numerous Boards and Commissions, the Governor will give Michigan's citizens the opportunity to help develop policy-making and program-implementing decisions. The Appointments Division is responsible for seeking qualified candidates to fulfill these responsibilities. If you are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, please complete the electronic application. As we fill upcoming vacancies we will give full consideration to all applicants.
  • Learn More About Michigan's Boards and Commissions
    Learn More About Michigan's Boards and Commissions

    The Appointments Office works closely with all branches of government to make sure that the Boards and Commissions website is accurate and up to date. With over 200 different panels, we work closely with all departments to provide current data on membership and responsibility of the organizations.

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    Michigan's constitution permits Governor Snyder to fill vacancies in judicial office by appointment. If you meet the legal qualifications to serve as a judge and are interested in receiving an appointment to judicial office, please follow the link here to obtain a judicial appointment questionnaire. You must submit two copies of the completed questionnaire to the Governor's Legal Division by the deadline displayed in the News & Events section of the State Bar of Michigan's website in order to be considered. Candidates who merit consideration will be interviewed and rated by the State Bar's Judicial Qualifications Committee, which will conduct a thorough background check of the applicant's fitness to serve as a judge. Certain candidates may then be selected for further consideration by the Governor's Office before the Governor makes an appointment.