State Historic Preservation Review Board

The Michigan State Historic Preservation Review Board is appointed by the Governor. The Board reviews and approves each national register nomination prior to submission to the Keeper of the National Register; has appellate jurisdiction under the Local Historic Districts Act, as amended, and provides general advice, guidance and professional recommendations to the State Historic Preservation Office on matters related to historic preservation.
The board is composed of professionals in the fields of architecture, American history, architectural history, cultural geography, prehistoric and historic archaeology, historic preservation and related disciplines
Contact Information
Todd Walsh
Interim National Register Coordinator
Michigan State Historic Preservation Office
Phone: (517) 373-1630
Fax: (517) 335-0348


Kemba Braynon, Ypsilanti
Represents historical architecture
Term ends 12/31/18
Sally Bund, Ann Arbor
Represents historic restoration
Term ends 12/31/18
Brian Rebain, Detroit
Represents historical architecture
Term ends 12/31/19
Grace Smith, Rockford
Represents historic preservation architecture
Term ends 12/31/19
Misty Jackson, Leslie
Represents historic archaeology
Term ends 12/31/20
Krysta Ryzewski, Ypsilanti
Represents historical archaeologist 
Term ends 12/31/20
Dale Gyure, Farmington Hills
Represents architectural history
Term ends 12/31/20
Rhonda Baker, Caledonia
Represents historic preservation
Term ends 12/31/21
Janet Kreger, Ann Arbor
Represents architectural history
Term ends 12/31/21