Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission

The Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission shall identify traffic safety challenges, and develop, promote and implement strategies to address those challenges. Specifically, the Commission shall:
Develop comprehensive solutions to traffic safety challenges through partnerships with all levels of government and the private sector;
Maximize and coordinate the use of existing financial resources, including federal highway safety planning funds administered by the Office of Highway Safety Planning;
Manage resources devoted to traffic safety research, ensure that research programs are effective, and identify additional needs for traffic safety research;
Develop and implement a communications plan that increases public awareness regarding traffic safety issues and the Commission's activities addressing traffic safety issues;
Promote traffic safety education through programs developed in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Education; and
Encourage the use of collaborative activities in addressing traffic safety issues by identifying and recognizing best practices used by traffic safety organizations in the state.
Contact Information
Kara Rueckert
Executive Assistant to Michael Prince
Office of Highway Safety Planning , Michigan State Police
7150 Harris Drive 
Dimondale, Michigan 48821
Phone: (517) 284-3066
Rueckert, Kara (MSP)

Jennifer Shea*, Ferndale
Representing the Governor's Office
Serves at the Pleasure of the Governor
Lawrence Hummel*, Carson City
Representing Local Government
Term ends 5/27/18
Matthew Saxton*, Battle Creek
Representing Local Government
Term ends 5/27/19
Ronald Wiles Jr.*, Grand Blanc
Representing Local Government
Term ends 5/27/20
Linda Scarpetta
Representing the Michigan Department of  Health and Human Services
Kenneth Micklash
Representing the Michigan Department of Education
Carol Reagan
Representing the Michigan Department of State
Tari Muniz
Representing the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging
Michael L. Prince
Representing the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning
F/Lt. Jim Flegel
Representing the Michigan Department of State Police
Kim Avery
Representing the Michigan Department of Transportation
*Appointment of the Governor