Michigan Municipal Services Authority

The MSA, also referred to as a "Virtual City," was created to encourage best practices, teamwork and inter-local cooperation between municipalities and school districts. Collaboration between local units of government, to get the most out of the citizens' tax dollars, has been a hallmark of the Snyder administration.

Created by inter-local agreement, the 12-member authority oversees the development of shared city services between Grand Rapids and Livonia. The agreement allows the communities to collaborate in the delivery of services such as information technology, finance and accounting, payroll processing, and health care pooling. All appointees serve a term expiring at the pleasure of the appointing authority.

Please follow this link to access the Interlocal Agreement that establishes the Municipal Services Authority


Robert Bruner

Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Municipal Services Authority
PO Box 12012, Lansing, MI 48901-2012


Appointed by the Governor:


Doug Wiescinski, Commerce Township


Donald Snider, Franklin


Rich Sheridan, Ann Arbor


Patricia Poppe, Bloomfield


Doug Smith, Bloomfield Hills


Peggy Jury, Davison

Kelli Scott, Battle Creek

Represents Local Public Agencies


Stacie Behler, New Era - Chair


Appointed by the city of Grand Rapids:


Scott Buhrer


Eric DeLong


Appointed by the city of Livonia:


Brian Meakin


James Cambridge