Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission

Pursuant to Executive Order 2016-15, the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Commission. The Commission will review the Report of Findings and Recommendations for Action from the Michigan Prescription Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force and develop and propose policies and an action plan to implement the recommendation from the report.
The Commission will consist of the following 17 members: one allopathic doctor (MD), one osteopathic doctor (DO), one dentist, one veterinarian, one physician’s assistant, one registered professional nurse, one pharmacist, two law enforcement officers, one psychologist, one representative from a Michigan hospice organization, one chronic pain sufferer, one representative from a Michigan medical school, one representative from a  statewide pharmacy association, one representative of a pharmaceutical manufacturers, one substance abuse treatment provider, and one member representing the general public. 
Contact Information
LARA – Bureau of Professional Licensing
Phone:  (517) 373-8068
FAX:  (517) 241-2389
Web:  www.michigan.gov/bpl
Email:  BPL-BoardSupport@michigan.gov

Dr. Stephen Bell, Carleton

Osteopathic Doctors
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Vincent Benivegna, Okemos
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Rebecca Cunningham, Ann Arbor
Allopathic Doctors
Term ends: 9/1/18
Richard Detloff, Rockford
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Term ends: 9/1/18
Lisa Gigliotti, East Lansing
Chronic Pain Sufferers
Term ends: 9/1/18
Timothy Hurtt, Portage
Law Enforcement Officers
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Stephen Lazar, Marshall
Term ends: 9/1/18
Paula Nelson, Riley
Substance Abuse Treatment Providers
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Melissa Owings, Clarklake
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Michael Paletta, Northville
Michigan Hospice Organizations
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Gretchen Schumacher, Belmont
Registered Professional Nurses
Term ends: 9/1/18
Paul Lauria, Mount Pleasant
Law Enforcement Officers
Term ends: 9/1/18
Patrick Shannon, Mackinac Island
General Public
Term ends: 9/1/18
Dr. Roy Soto, Bloomfield Hills
Michigan Medical Schools
Term ends: 9/1/18
Larry Wagenknecht, Haslett
Statewide Pharmacy Associations
Term ends: 9/1/18
Term ends: 9/1/18
Adam Wilson, Petoskey
Physician's Assistants
Term ends: 9/1/18
Ex-Officio Members:
Judge Linda Davis - Chair
Designee of the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Dr. Debra Pinals
Designee of the Director of Health and Human Services
Col. W. Thomas Sands
Designee of the Director of Michigan State Police
Laura Moody, Chief Deputy Attorney General
Michelle Brya, Division Chief, Licensing and Regulations Division
Designees of the Attorney General