Enhancing Our Quality of Life

  • Our state’s infrastructure challenges are serious and wide-ranging, and we need to act with urgency to improve our infrastructure systems and make Michigan an even better place to live.

    In March 2016, Gov. Rick Snyder created the 21st Century Infrastructure Commission. The Commission developed a list of 110 solutions to improve Michigan’s infrastructure and enhance the quality of life for all Michiganders.

    Improved infrastructure systems mean healthier communities, better-paying jobs, and a stronger foundation for our kids in every region of the state. But if we keep waiting, the cost to update Michigan’s infrastructure and ensure a high-quality of life for years to come will only become more expensive.

    The 21st Century Infrastructure Commission worked diligently to provide a long-term infrastructure strategy that addresses Michigan’s needs for the next 30-50 years in the areas of transportation, water, sewer, stormwater, wastewater treatment and drainage, energy, and communications.  You can view the Commission's report below.

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