21st Century Education Commission

  • 21st Century Education Commission LogoEvery Michigander deserves an education that equips them with the skills and the experience necessary to prepare them for college, a career and for life. In order to better achieve this important goal, it’s crucial to identify where our state’s system falls short.  In June of 2016 Governor Rick Snyder created the 21st Century Education Commission to analyze what obstacles have been holding us back from greater success in this arena.

    The Commission analyzed top performing education systems in the nation and identified issues impacting Michigan’s academic success, recommending changes to restructure Michigan’s education system. The Commission outlined 32 recommendations in three building blocks which include a focus on learning, the creation of a strong culture of success and how to build a coherent, connected education system from prenatal into adulthood.

    The 21st Century Education Commission’s work provided a long-term strategy that focused on improvements to enhance student achievement and better prepare students for a global economy. You can view the Commission’s report below.

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