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EDUCATION: Embarking on transformational change 


Addressing the Detroit Public Schools financial situation and meeting the needs of students and their families is an urgent priority of the governor. The district is deeply in debt, and failing at the central task of educating kids. The governor wants to redirect the $1,100 per student being spent to service debt to give educators the resources they need in the classroom. We must also minimize impacts to the overall state budget, so other school districts don’t see their classroom funding impacted.

As a state, we also have to improve the transition from high school to jobs. Students should be matched with career exploration and early college options rather than waiting until nearly the end of their K-12 education. The governor would like to see an educational system in which parents, students, educators and counselors all look to a more proactive approach.


Gov. Snyder will continue working with the Legislature to reform the entire structure of Detroit Public Schools so current students achieve a much better education. The state needs to ensure that a complete failure to educate schoolchildren never again happens to this extent in one of Michigan’s districts.

The governor also will appoint a commission on 21st century education to identify how to improve education governance, funding systems and career and college readiness in Michigan schools.  The ultimate goal is to give students the tools they need to succeed and continue the efforts to make Michigan a top ten education state in the next ten years.


It is imperative the Legislature act definitively to resolve this decades-long crisis to minimize the impact on both Detroit and the rest of the state. The governor's plan addresses the financial problems and fixes the academic problems. If we are forced into a bankruptcy situation, the focus will be entirely on the financial side and academics will continue to suffer in Detroit.

Great schools are critically important to ensuring a strong economic future in Detroit and the entire state.  


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