Innovation, Career Opportunities and Economic Growth

Michigan is the home for innovation, career opportunities and economic expansion

Keeping our state a leader in global mobility, R&D, manufacturing, agriculture and tourism means more opportunities for great careers in the Great Lakes State. Retaining and attracting talent, promoting job training and building our talent base for in-demand jobs will help Michigan grow and Michiganders prosper.

The American Center for Mobility, MCity and the entire Planet M campaign are great opportunities for us to increase Michigan’s global reputation as being a leader in innovation for mobility and transportation technology.

Gov. Snyder’s 21st Century Economy Commission released a set of recommendations that are currently being implemented to ensure our state remains on the right path toward long-term economic prosperity for all Michiganders.

Our state has seen a dramatic decrease in unemployment rates, with more and more Michiganders getting back to work. In order for Michigan to continue attracting job providers, we need to better compete with other states. The “MI Thrive” and “Good Jobs Package” legislation provides tools that we can use to help make Michigan a more attractive prime location for larger companies to invest in our workers.

Ensuring that people who want to work are able to overcome barriers to employment will ensure a continuously growing workforce that in turn will help attract new employers and more jobs, creating a positive cycle of economic expansion for new and better careers for all Michiganders.

Global economic activities can help Michigan remain a leader in international trade, which in turn leads to increased economic investment. Through initiatives like the China Innovation Center, Michigan can establish and maintain positive working relationships that can help bring more international companies and the jobs they provide to our state.  

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