• The Michigan Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court is the highest court in the state, hearing cases appealed to it from the Court of Appeals. In addition to its judicial duties, the Supreme Court is responsible for the general administrative supervision of all courts in the state. The Supreme Court also establishes rules for practice and procedure in all courts. The Supreme Court consists of seven justices: the chief justice and six associate justices. The justices are elected to serve eight-year terms. Every two years one justice is selected by the court as chief justice. Although justices are nominated by political parties, they are elected on a nonpartisan ballot. A candidate for the Supreme Court must be a qualified elector, licensed to practice law in Michigan, and at the time of election must be less than 70 years of age.

  • Michigan Court Self-Help Center

    The SCAO website now has a "Self-Help Center" which replaces "About the Courts." The Self-Help Center is designed to help members of the public find legal assistance, learn about Michigan law, and represent themselves in some legal matters. The site does not provide legal advice.