Department FOIA Information and Transparency Liaisons

Citizen engagement with state government should be facilitated by regular, timely, and consistent dissemination of public information and data. The public also deserves help in navigating access to information about their state government. As part of Executive Directive 2019-11, state departments and autonomous agencies subject to supervision by the governor under section 8 of article 5 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963, were required to identify a Transparency Liaison to make state government more open, transparent, and accountable.

Under 2019-11, Transparency Liaison's do the following:

  • Assist members of the public seeking a public record from the department or agency in navigating the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other law applicable to public records, including by providing educational materials on the website of the department or agency.
  • Assist members of the public seeking to participate in a public meeting held by a board or commission within the department or agency in a manner that complies with the Open Meetings Act, including by providing educational materials on the website.
  • Make recommendations to the department and agency for compliance with this directive, to reduce costs relating to public records requests, and to encourage greater transparency.
  • Advocate for the disclosure of public records quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Advocate for transparency and procedures that encourage public participation in public meetings.
  • Consult with the department or agency's FOIA coordinator regarding compliance with this directive and the FOIA.
  • Recommend changes to the department's or agency's procedures and guidelines and written public summary of the procedures and guidelines for the department under section 4 of the FOIA, MCL 15.234.


Transparency Liaison Contact List

Department FOIA Page Transparency Liaisons Email Phone
Attorney General Courtney Covington  517-335-7666
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Ashley Steffen 517-242-2282
Department of Civil Rights Marcelina Trevino 517-456-3799
Department of Corrections Chris Gautz 517-241-0363
Department of Education Alisande Shrewsbury 517-241-2077
Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy Amy Epkey 517-284-5002
Department of Health and Human Services Rey Bouknight 517-284-4771
Department of Insurance and Financial Services Catherine Hart 517-284-8720
Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity Erica Quealy 517-582-2961
Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Amy Gumbrecht 517-243-7978
Department of Military and Veterans Affairs Christine Apostol 517-481-7645
Department of Natural Resources Jolene Priest Schultz 517-284-5925
Department of State Katie Doyal 517-636-4002
Department of State HR Jennifer White 517-335-1441
Department of Technology, Management and Budget Caleb Buhs 517-241-7422
Department of Transportation Tim Fischer 517-719-4009
Lottery Rachel Lipinski 517-335-6931
Michigan Economic Development Corporation Karen Wieber 517-881-9938
Michigan Gaming Control Board Dave Murley 517-241-1494
Michigan State Housing Development Authority Kara Hart-Negrich 517-335-2273
Michigan State Police Major Greg Zarotney 517-719-6154
Office of Childrens Ombudsman Ryan Speidel 517-241-0552
Office of the State Employer Karmen Robinson 517-241-8513
State Budget Office Kurt Weiss 517-335-0050
Treasury Fred Headen 517-335-7255


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