Ste. Claire (steamer)

The steamer Ste. Claire underway.  Crowds of people line the three decks.


The steamer Ste. Claire represents the typical propeller-driven excursion steamer of the turn of the century, a type once found in many parts of the country. Excursion steamers are steamships built primarily for passengers for day trips. Ste. Claire and her running mate Columbia represent the "ocean-going" type of excursion vessel although they were used on lakes.

The steamer Ste. Claire is significant as one of the two remaining classic excursion steamers in the country; as one of the two last essentially unaltered passenger ships designed by Frank E. Kirby; and for its essentially unaltered propulsion machinery of a type becoming increasingly rare. Ste. Claire and her running-mate Columbia are the last two steamers of their type with integrity left in the United States. The pair shared their original run from Detroit to Bob-Lo Island for 81 years, a record of service on a single run unequalled in U. S. maritime history.


  • 1979, National Register of Historic Places
  • 1992, National Historic Landmark


  • Frank E. Kirby, designer


  • 1910, Ste. Claire was launched on May 7, and entered service later that year
  • 2003, the Ste. Claire was moved to its new home in Toledo, Ohio. Contact the Ohio State Historic Preservation Office for additional information.