Competitive Summer 2013 Job Market Forecast For Michigan Teens (16-19)

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Agency: Technology, Management & Budget

The Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget has released a forecast for the employment status of Michigan teens for the summer of 2013.  The state's recent employment trends and normal seasonal patterns for June, July, and August indicate the teen labor market situation will remain very competitive during the summer of 2013. 


In general, the teen summer labor market is a competitive environment every year due to its dynamics.  Starting in May, the number of teens entering the labor force increases sharply and reaches a peak in July.  Many teens are entering the labor market for the first time and face competition from persons with previous work experience.  Consequently, even in the most favorable labor market conditions, the teen unemployment rate is always higher than any other age group.




Teen Summer (June-August)

Unemployment Rate (%)































Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Unpublished Current Population Survey data

After rising sharply during the recent recession, the teen summer jobless rate declined in the summer of 2011 and 2012.  This improvement was the result of an overall expansion in jobs statewide and particularly in those industries that typically employ teens such as food services and drinking places, and clothing and clothing accessory stores. Despite these recent improvements, however, the teen unemployment rate remains at relatively high levels.  This is due, in part, to the additional competition teens have faced from older workers in recent years.


During the summer of 2013 (June-August), approximately 242,800 teens are projected to be in the Michigan workforce, with approximately 180,900 forecasted to be employed. The downward trend in the teen unemployment rate is anticipated to continue with a projected summer unemployment rate of 25.5 percent, which is a 1.2 percentage point decline from the previous summer.  Even with this improvement in the jobless rate, the number of unemployed teens is expected to reach 61,900 during the summer of 2013.







Teen Labor Force


Teen Employment


Teen Unemployment


Teen Unemployment Rate (%)


Summer 2013 (Forecast)







Source: Michigan Department of Technology, Management & Budget, Bureau of Labor Market Information & Strategic Initiatives.


Michigan's Department of Technology, Management & Budget (DTMB) offers the following summer job search tips for teens:


·         Start looking early

·         Keep looking

·         Visit local businesses

·         Let friends/neighbors know you are looking for work

·         Talk with school guidance counselors

·         Utilize on-line job boards and newspaper want-ads

·         Think about self-employment: lawn service, pet sitting, etc.


In addition, listed below are some key items that may help to make a good first impression with employers:


  • Dress appropriately
  • Be well groomed
  • Be on time to the interview
  • Bring information needed to complete an application
  • Have a list of a few references
  • Maintain a positive attitude


The industries and occupations that typically provide good job prospects for teens are listed in the tables below.



Teen Summer Employment Opportunities by Industry & Occupation


Opportunities by Industry



  • Agriculture
  • Gift/ Sporting Goods/Book Stores
  • Amusement & Recreation Services
  • Grocery Stores
  • Camps
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Department Stores / Retail Stores
  • Museums / Galleries / Zoos
  • Fruit & Vegetable Stores
  • Restaurants



Opportunities by Occupation



  • Camp Counselor
  • Golf Course Worker
  • Car Washer
  • Library Aide
  • Cashier
  • Office Clerk
  • Delivery Person
  • Receptionist
  • Fast Food Worker
  • Sales Clerk
  • Waiter / Waitress
  • Stock Clerk
  • Food Market Clerk
  • Usher / Attendant


Teens are encouraged to utilize the Pure Michigan Talent Connect website ( for information on jobs and careers.  Teens may also contact their local office of Michigan Works! (