Medicaid Fraud and Patient Abuse Complaint Filing Information


Review the information which identifies the different kinds of fraud or patient abuse/neglect investigated by the Attorney General's Health Care Fraud Division. If you suspect either Medicaid provider fraud or resident abuse/neglect in any “board & care” facility, fill out the appropriate complaint form, fraud or patient abuse, and electronically submit the form to the Health Care Fraud Division.

To complete a complaint form:

  • Fill out all the blanks and include all of the additional factual information you can. As many facts as possible regarding the fraud are essential. Try to include the provider's address, as many have more than one location.
  • Identify your name, address, daytime and evening telephone number (with the area code) so that our investigators can contact you when their preliminary investigation of your allegations is completed.
  • Print a copy of your complaint before you submit it.
  • After completing the form please click the "SUBMIT" button to file the complaint. A confirmation reply will automatically be transmitted to you and will include your Complaint Identification Number.
  • If you are sending information from a provider's office, remember that a confirmation page is sent to to your computer. If you wish to remain anonymous, empty the browser cache and delete any related entries from the browser history file.
  • Send copies of any supporting documents by email, facsimile or postal mail to the Health Care Fraud Division of the Department of Attorney General:
    • Email
    • Fax: 517-241-6515 or 517-241-1029
    • Mail: P.O. Box 30218, Lansing, MI 48909

Attach your name and/or the Complaint Identification Number issued to you when your complaint is accepted with all the documents you send to us.

Unfortunately, our office cannot work on a case with only the provider's name. Specific facts as to the alleged fraud are necessary as well as the identity and addresses of other individuals who may have information. We need your input. The ability to contact you is also important, as our investigators may have questions.

Once we receive your complaint, it will be reviewed by a criminal investigator. Files will be requested from the Medical Services Administration or the Department of Community Health. The information will be evaluated. Your complaint will become an open and active case, or it will be closed due to insufficient evidence, or because no crime was committed. Whether a prosecution takes place or not, you will be notified when the complaint is closed.

If you have any problems getting the completed form recorded, try touching the rest button on the complaint form, or refresh on the browser. (Your information will be erased from the form, and will need to be re-entered).

Refer to specific reminders associated with each complaint form for further information on completing the complaint form.

(Browser must be Javascript-capable and enabled to submit an online complaint)