Get information about a particular business?

The records of the Corporation Division of the Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing Bureau are open to the public. The records include the organization documents for limited partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Copies of documents are available, as well as certificates verifying the existence of the entity. The records do not include business performance or reliability; phone numbers; value of stock; or the owner's name.

Information can be obtained by accessing the Michigan Business Entity Search. The information includes the name of the entity, date of formation, whether it has been dissolved, current resident agent and registered office, date of last annual report filed. You can also obtain information by visiting the office at 2501 Woodlake Circle, Okemos, Michigan; calling 517-241-6470; emailing the Bureau at; writing the Bureau at P.O. Box 30018 , Lansing, Michigan 48909; or faxing your request to 517-241-2711.