Find out if I need a DEQ Permit?

A permit may be required from the DEQ if the pond will be:
  • Within 500 feet of a lake or stream, or connected to a lake or stream;
  • Within a regulated wetland;
  • Within the 100-year floodplain of a river or stream;
  • Five acres or more in size; or
  • Created by construction of a dam six feet or more in height that also impounds five acres or more at the design flood elevation.
Before undertaking the construction of a pond, find out if your site is in a regulated floodplain or wetland by contacting your local DEQ, Land and Water Management Division district office. If you would like to have a wetland assessment completed for your proposed project location, please call the Land and Water Management Division Wetland Assessment Program at 517-241-8485. If you are required to obtain a permit from the division, you will need to complete a "Joint Permit Application" (PR2731). This permit application, along with the instruction packet, can be downloaded from the MDEQ/USACE Joint Permit Application page at,1607,7-135-3313_24403---,00.html