Manage an unused well on my property?

Unplugged, abandoned wells threaten groundwater resources and public health because they provide a potential route for vertical movement of contaminants into aquifers. Contaminants from the surface, such as sewage, fertilizers, pesticides, or runoff water, can easily move downward through the unsealed, abandoned well. These contaminants may end up in your drinking water well! Large diameter wells, like old dug wells, pose the additional threat of being a safety hazard. People and animals may be injured or killed by falling into the wells.

It is the responsibility of the well owner to properly plug all abandoned wells on their property. Michigan's Well Construction Code (Part 127, Act 368, P.A. 1976) requires that abandoned wells be plugged and specifies plugging methods and materials. Information about plugging abandoned wells may be found on the following DEQ web page:,1607,7-135-3313_3675_3689---,00.html. Additional information about plugging your abandoned well may be obtained by contacting a Michigan registered well drilling contractor, your local health department, or the DEQ's Well Construction Unit at 517-335-8857