Gov. Rick Snyder Discusses Setting PFAS Contamination Standards for Michigan

Govenor Snyder PFAS Twitter ImageRecently, Gov. Snyder sat down with MLive reporter Emily Lawler to discuss the emerging national issue of PFAS contamination and the state’s position on setting an official standard for contamination levels. A transcript of that conversation is provided below. You can also listen to the discussion by clicking here.

MLive: Do you support a PFAS drinking water standard lower than the 70 parts per trillion the EPA advisory level is at right now?

Gov. Snyder: Well I think we’re looking at that… What I would say is: One of the things I’m going to have discussions before the end of the year with the EPA itself is can we work with you on figuring out more science about this topic. Because I think it needs to be beyond Michigan. This is a big national issue. We just have to be on the forefront of identifying and starting to work on it.

But I want to work with the EPA and other organizations that could bring scientific research to this to say: let’s figure out what could be an appropriate standard.

MLive: A standard for Michigan?

Gov. Snyder: No. It should be a national standard in many respects because right now it’s an advisory. There is no truly national standard. And I think I’d love to see that, but what I would say is: if we go through the science and start seeing something, if it’s going to take them 10 years to start doing something, I don’t want to wait in Michigan. So it’s one of those cases if they can’t move on a timeline we think appropriate, we shouldn’t wait.