MiC3: Requirements

Individuals who wish to join MiC3 must be legal Michigan residents with IT and cybersecurity skills to contribute to the organization. Applicants are subject to screening through assessment tools, including testing, resume review and interviews. Volunteers must also secure the approval of their employer to participate in training and other activities, as well as activation in response to a declared emergency.


  • Cybersecurity skills and certifications.

  • Legal Michigan residency.

  • Ability and willingness to undergo and pass screening procedures and the standard background checks required for IT security professionals.

  • Commitment to participation in a collaborative team of IT security professionals.


MiC3 members will be asked to attend training, exercises and other events, and most importantly, respond to a governor declared cyber emergency. While the training and networking opportunities will add value, membership comes with time commitments. Employers must be supportive of these commitments to enable participation.

The estimated annual time commitment varies from 20-60 hours, depending on the volunteer’s level of involvement. Some examples of past group activities:

  • Annual Governor’s Summit and Exercise – 8 hours

  • Team Exercises – 8-16 hours

  • Training and Industry Certifications – 8-48 hours

Employers will benefit from the skills gained through training, exercises and knowledge sharing among members. These skills will add value in the workplace, and save employer training costs.

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