SOM Application/Site Standards

Standards review process

The State of Michigan (SOM) Web Application Standards were documented to ensure that visitors have a similar experience throughout all state applications, portal and agency sites.

All SOM applications must

  •  Follow the Web application standards
  • Meet conformance level AA of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  • Complete a SOM Web Application Review to ensure standards are met
    • To initiate an application review, submit State of Michigan Digital Standards Review DTMB 3533 form to eMichigan team via 
    • Reviews can be initiated in the Design or Development phase to find and fix issues as early as possible.
    • After eMichigan completes the review, results with any identified issues will be returned to the requestor. Identified issues must be corrected and returned to the eMichigan team for re-review. This is an iterative process until all issues have been resolved and verified by eMichigan.
    • Issues identified during review(s) must be resolved prior to production release. Guidelines


Native Mobile Application Guidelines

The Native Mobile Application Guidelines communicates important design and development standards for native mobile applications produced and maintained for the purpose of conducting official state business with the state of Michigan. If you need assistance in the creation of a native mobile application, please reach out to the Mobile Center of Excellence


Accessibility- Testing Tools

Accessibility- Resources

Accessibility for Multi Media


Accessibility for PDF and Word documents