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Required State License(s):

A retail minnow dealer license is required to sell minnows, wrigglers or crayfish to the public, and wholesale minnow dealer license is required to sell these products to other retail dealers. A minnow catcher’s license is required for either retail or wholesale dealers to catch and resale minnows, wrigglers or crayfish. To apply for any of these licenses, please complete the Application for Miscellaneous Licenses and send it, along with payment, to the address displayed on the application. If you have questions, please contact the DNR at 517-284-6057.

For information or applications to sell Hunting and Fishing licenses, contact the DNR at 517-284-6057. 

A sales tax license is required. You may call the Michigan Department of Treasury at 517-636-4660 and request a Registration For Michigan Taxes form (518).

Contact local wastewater treatment plant for authorization to discharge water from fish tanks into municipal sewer. Contact the Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278 or the local DNR district office to discuss permits for all other tank wastewater disposal options.

Revised: 3/2018; Reviewed: 3/2018