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Distressed Food

Required State License(s):

Valid Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development food establishment license is required. Contact the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Food Section; (517) 373-1060.

To become an officially recognized destination for distressed foods, an establishment shall submit an application to the Lansing office on a form prescribed by the MDARD food section. Application shall be made at least 30 days prior to expected operation. The local MDARD Food Section regional office shall inspect the proposed business site, operation and then the Lansing office will be notified for approval or disapproval of applicant.

Applicants must comply with all applicable requirements of the Michigan Food Law of 2000, as amended, e.g. construction, sanitary operations, employee practices, and food handling methods.

The facility and equipment must be suited for the proposed operation, e.g.., size, refrigeration, proper equipment and container washing sinks and toilet facilities. The exact type of equipment and facilities will be dictated by the proposed nature of food handling or processing.

Revised: 06/2008