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Required State License(s):


None, unless the words "landscape architect" are used in advertising. Landscape architects are licensed with the Board of Landscape Architects, Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).

Phone: (517) 241-9253

Landscape Architects Website


When products are available for sale to the public, a sales tax license is required. Contact Department of Treasury, Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Division at (517) 636-4660 for a 518 sales tax form. Personalized sales tax returns and a payment schedule will be mailed within four to six weeks after the registration has been processed. If you have questions about this process, please call the Michigan Department of Treasury at (517) 636-4730.

If plants are sold, a plant dealer or nursery stock dealer's license will be necessary with the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development; 1-800-292-3939.

Also, when applying pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers containing pesticides or insecticides, business' should contact the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development; 1-800-292-3939.


Certification is available with the Organic Growers of Michigan, 135 East 120th Street, Grant, MI 48327.

Revised: 7/2019