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Industrial Hemp

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) administers the Industrial Hemp Program and oversees industrial hemp licensing in Michigan.

A Hemp Grower Registration is required for those who want to plant, propagate, grow, cultivate, or harvest live hemp plants or viable hemp seeds. If you intend to sell industrial hemp, you will also need to obtain a processor-handler license (See below).

A Hemp Processor-Handler License is required for those who want to process (convert raw industrial hemp into a marketable form), handle (possess, store, or transport industrial hemp on premises owned, operated or controlled by a registered grower or a licensed hemp processor-handler), broker (to engage or participate in the marketing of industrial hemp by acting as an intermediary or negotiator between prospective buyers and sellers) or market (promote or sell industrial hemp or an industrial hemp commodity or product) industrial hemp.

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Revised: 7/2019