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International Registration Plan

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International Registration Plan


The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a program for licensing commercial trucks, trailers and non-chartered buses that travel through the states and provinces abiding by the IRP. The member IRP jurisdictions are all states except Alaska and Hawaii, the District of Columbia and all Canadian provinces except the Yukon and Northwest Territory. In Michigan, the Department of State oversees IRP.

Under the IRP, companies register in their home state and pay the appropriate licensing fees. The fees are then distributed to the other IRP member jurisdictions based on the percentage of miles the vehicles will travel or have traveled in each jurisdiction. Each vehicle is also issued a license plate with the word "apportioned" and a cab card showing the jurisdictions and weights for which the company has paid fees. Vehicles exempt from IRP are government-owned vehicles, city pickup and delivery vehicles, buses used to transport chartered groups, recreational vehicles and vehicles displaying a restricted plate that is recognized under other reciprocity agreements.

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International Registration Plan (IRP) Apportioned Registrations

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