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Nightclub Licensing Information

Department: Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Agency: Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC)

Required State License(s):

All persons engaged in the manufacture, importation, possession, transportation, and sale of alcohol must obtain a license from the MLCC. Licenses are issued by the MLCC in accordance with the requirements of the Liquor Control Code of 1998 and MLCC administrative rules. For further information on this license type or other licenses issued by the MLCC visit the MLCC Retail Licensing Information webpage or contact the MLCC, toll-free, at 866-813-0011.

Other Possible License(s):

An entertainment license is required with the local city/county clerks office.

When food is prepared and served, a license is required with the Department of Agriculture at 517-373-1060.

For information about "private clubs" contact the Corporation Division at 517-241-6470.

Revised: 8/2016