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Peddler's License

Required State License(s):

A sales or use tax license is required for sales of most products. You may contact the Michigan Department of Treasury, Registration Division at (517) 636-4660.

For technical questions, contact the Sales, Use and Withholding Tax Division at (517) 636-4730.

When a business is engaged in processing, packing, repacking, canning, preserving, freezing, fabricating, storing, selling or offering for sale food item(s), the business should be licensed as a food establishment with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Food and Dairy Division (517) 373-1060.

Also check with the Food and Dairy Division about Labeling Laws.

Other Possible License(s):

When food products are prepared on the premises, a Food Service license should be obtained from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Food and Dairy Division at (517) 373-1060.

Depending on the type of food processed, federal license, certification or inspection may be required. Contact USDA Food Safety and Inspection Division (608) 240-4080.

Further Information:

Contact your local County Clerk's office for information about peddler's licenses.

Revised: 5/2005