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Public Swimming Pool Construction (spas/hot tubs) Permit

The Campgrounds and Pools Unit (CPU) within the Drinking Water and Environmental Health Section (DWEHS), Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), has the responsibility for issuing construction permits for public swimming pools (including spas, leisure pools, activity pools, water slide pools, and lazy rivers). A construction permit must be obtained prior to any construction for a new public swimming pool or modification of an existing public swimming pool.


Public Swimming Pool Construction Permit


Sections 333.12525 to 333.12526, Public Health Code, Public Act 368 of 1978, as amended


Michigan Administrative Code, Rules Administered by EGLE, DWEHS

Public Swimming Pool (R325.2111 - 325.2199)


 1.  Applicability (activities that require the permit)

"Public swimming pool" means an artificial body of water used collectively by a number of individuals primarily for the purpose of swimming, wading, recreation, or instruction and includes related equipment, structures, areas, and enclosures intended for the use of individuals using or operating the swimming pool such as equipment, dressing, locker, shower, and toilet rooms. Public swimming pools include those which are for parks, schools, motels, camps, resorts, apartments, clubs, hotels, mobile home parks, subdivisions, waterparks, and the like. A pool or portable pool located on the same premises with a 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-family dwelling and for the benefit of the occupants and their guests, a natural bathing area such as a stream, lake, river, or man-made lake or pond that uses water from natural sources and has an inflow and outflow of natural water, an exhibitor's swimming pool built as a model at the site of the seller and in which swimming by the public is not permitted, or a pool serving not more than 4 hotel, motel, apartment, condominium, or similar units is not a public swimming pool. A construction permit is required for all new public swimming pools or modification of an existing public swimming pool.

 2.  Pre-Application Requirements

Prior to submitting the application, a set of plans and specifications must be prepared by an engineer or architect licensed in Michigan for the public swimming pool, the pool treatment equipment, the pool equipment room, bathhouse facilities, and the pool enclosure. The plans are usually prepared by an engineer or architect working with the pool contractor.

 3.  Application Submission Requirements

A public Swimming Pool Construction Permit application form (EQP 1733) must be submitted with the plans and specifications for approval.

 4.  Procedures and Time-Frame for Obtaining Permit or Approval

The plans and specifications are reviewed by CPU staff on a first-come first-served basis. A period of 5 weeks is typically required before the plans are reviewed especially during the busy periods in the spring and again in the fall of each year.

 5.  Operational Requirements

Each public swimming pool shall be constructed or modified in accordance with the approved plans and specifications unless written approval of a change is granted by the CPU. After construction is completed and prior to opening the pool for use, a license application must be submitted and the pool approved for operation through an inspection by staff of the CPU or a designated local health department representative.

 6.  Fees

The construction permit and initial licensing fees for public swimming pools are changed every three years in accordance with the Consume Price Index to adjust for inflation. The construction permit fee for a swimming pool is based on the surface area of the pool and ranges from approximately $600 to $2000. The construction permit fee for the modification of an existing pool is approximately $300. The current construction permit and licensing fees are posted on the program website.

 7.  Appeal Process

An applicant may request a contested case hearing under the Administrative Procedures Act, 1969 PA 306, as amended.

 8.  Public Input Opportunities

The public typically learns about the proposed development of a public swimming pool facility through newspaper notices posted by the local municipality under zoning and land use ordinances, and this venue provides the best opportunity for public input. The public may also offer comments to EGLE regarding these proposals although there is no legislative mandate establishing a procedure for public comments.


Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, Campgrounds and Pools Unit, 525 West Allegan Street, P.O. Box 30273, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7773

  • Program Phone: 517-284-6520

Revision Date: December 2019