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Required State License(s):

A Food Service license is required (see Food Service License for details).

A sales tax license is required. You may call the Michigan Department of Treasury at 517-636-4660. 

Personalized sales tax returns and a payment schedule will be mailed within four to six weeks after the registration has been processed. If you have questions about this process, please call the Michigan Department of Treasury at 517-636-4730.

Possible Licenses:

If beer, wine, and/or liquor are sold, a license should be obtained from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Please visit the MLCC webpage or contact the MLCC, toll-free, at 866-813-0011 for information on the appropriate liquor licenses for your business.

If a restaurant has entertainment; dancing, etc., contact the city clerk's office to determine if a local permit or license is required.


When alcoholic beverages are served, an entertainment permit is required with the Liquor Control Commission in addition to the liquor license.

When cigarettes are sold by a vending machine, contact the Department of Treasury, IFTA/Motor Carrier, Tobacco Taxes and Registration Division; 517-636-4730.

Revised: 8/2016