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Towing Service

Required State License(s):

A new Michigan law is now in effect that requires a $200.00 license plate fee for all wreckers, regardless of size. The legal definition of "wrecker" has also changed. The law now defines a "wrecker" as a truck that has a permanently-affixed hoist, towing apparatus, or self-loading flatbed (platform wrecker), or any combination of these items, used to transport not more than two vehicles.

A vehicle with a fifth wheel or a motor vehicle that tows another vehicle on a trailer is NOT a wrecker.

The annual expiration date for wrecker license plates is still the last day of February. A half-year plate is available for $100.00 plus a $10.00 service fee.

For more information or to purchase the new plate, contact your local Secretary of State Branch Office.

Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement: When hauling for-hire, in intrastate commerce, operating authority must be granted through the Michigan State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division (MSP-CVED), Regulatory and Credentialing Section. This includes carriers that are in business as a repossession company or an auto auction company. Once granted authority, the carrier may have to license its intrastate vehicle(s) though the MSP-CVED; 517-284-3250. For-hire means, for a direct or indirect fee, transporting property not owned nor manufactured by the company doing the transporting.

All interstate carriers, private and for-hire, must register in the annual Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Program. 

Updated: 12/20/2019