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Training Programs

Required State License(s):

Anyone providing training programs intended to prepare individuals for a type of job (i.e., nanny school, bartender school) should be licensed as a vocational school with the Department of Education, Post Secondary Services; (517) 373-6774. Truck driver training providers and instructors are required to be certified by the Secretary of State. For further information, visit the Secretary of State's website at, telephone (517) 241-6850, or email

No license is required for certain types of instructors; but, they should be approved with the Department of Education. This is usually accomplished by supplying the Department with personnel qualification forms. Persons with two years or more experience or a degree in the appropriate field are generally approved.

Those providing non-vocational training (i.e., management skills, stress reduction) are not required to be licensed by the state. However, the Department of Education may allow these companies "to be licensed" with the Department in the future. Call (517) 373-6774 for further information.

Revised: 07/2014