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Required State License(s):


Other Possible License(s):

When providing training programs to prepare individuals for a type of job (i.e.., truck driving school, nanny school, bartender school, etc.) are required to be licensed as a vocational school with the Department of Education; (517) 373-6774.

A license is not required for certain types of instructors; but, approval is required with the Department of Education. This is usually accomplished by supplying the Department with personnel qualification forms. Persons with 2-years or more experience or a degree in the appropriate field are generally approved.

Those providing non-vocational training (i.e.., management skills, stress reduction, etc.) are not required to be licensed with the state.

However, the Department of Education may allow these constituents/companies "to be licensed" with the Department in the future. Call (517) 373-6774 for further information.

Revised: 12/2002