Michigan amended its notary law in 2018 to be in line with other states that have authorized electronic and remote notarizations. To do this, the Secretary of State was authorized with the assistance of the Department of Management and Budget to allow vendor systems to be used in Michigan to conduct electronic and remote notarizations.

As required, the Department of State is working to implement these new systems and is pleased to announce five (5) vendor system approvals. The approvals are effective immediately and Notaries can contract with their selected vendor, which will require a fee.  Links to each vendor are provided below for you to begin your research should you choose to purchase any or all of these systems. Their use is optional and no action is needed on your part to continue performing traditional pen and paper notarizations. (Please do not contact our office with questions concerning the systems capabilities, cost, training or other similar questions; all questions must be directed to the vendors themselves.)

  • E-Mortgage Law – Offers electronic notarizations services
  • Nexsys – Offers both electronic and remote notarization services
  • Pavaso – Offers both electronic and remote notarization services
  • NotaryCam - Offers both electronic and remote notarization services
  • Notarize - Offers electronic and remote notarization services

Because only approved vendor systems can be used in Michigan a Notary wishing to provide these services must use the vendors above. Use this Guide to help to understand the new options, how to update commission information and how the work of Notaries is affected.

Note: The Department of State does not provide access, training or dictate costs of these newly approved systems.